About Me

Art and math are two of my favorite subjects. This is not normally how an artist thinks. Neither is a desire for neatness and order. But this makes me good at organization in business. These skills are also necessary when organizing images and information on a web site in a logical and creative manner. Not an easy task. I am also interested in languages, such as Spanish or HTML and CSS. They may not seem related, but to me they are. There are rules to follow. But just as any language allows or even excels when used creatively in such forms as poetry and creative writing. So do the rules of web design and graphic design bend when explored in imaginative and ever expanding creative visual examples.

As much as I believe in rules and their necessity. I also believe that rules are meant to be tested, explored and expanded. I believe that all exceptional creation begins with testing the limits.

Even as a child my artistic talent was a part of my identity. I explored different mediums such as pen and ink, colored pencil, and oil paints. I have expanded my art to the digital arena using Photoshop and Illustrator. Always endeavoring to keep up technically. It has been my love of learning, creativity and order that leads my interest in web development. As much as I love to stipple an entire image with my pen, I also love to create clean functional code or find that missing dot or curly brace to fix a web site error.

Although I attended college when I was younger, my schedule filled with artistic courses, I had a daughter to raise. So I went to work as a graphic artist and typesetter for a variety of small businesses. Much of my instruction became on the job and self-taught. In 2007 I decided to head back to college to finish what I had started. I traveled the 45 miles each way to attend North Idaho College to complete my associates degree, taking courses in business and art, including digital art. I enjoy the math and science needed to receive an associates in general studies. I then continued my studies on-line at University of Idaho, and received my BS in Organizational Studies in 2014. Graduating with honors and a GPA of 4.0.